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Premium Nylon 6 Lay-Flat Tubing
For Cleanroom Packaging

A Polyamide Homopolymer

The ideal answer for challenges involving toughness, cleanliness and maximum resistance to abrasion.

All Premium Nylon 6 Tubing meets Material Specification:
MIL B22191 Type III

Standard items are clean to NASA JPG 5322.1 LEVEL 50

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Also available:
Premium Nylon 6 Bags
Nylon 6 Sheets
Premium Nylon 6 Centerfold Sheeting
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Sizes shown in inches (width) X feet (length)
All sizes (chart below): 2 mil thick

Item ID

Width x Length

CFPNT2002050  2"X 500' RL
CFPNT2002100 2" X 1000' RL
CFPNT2003050 3"X 500' RL
CFPNT2003100 3" X 1000' RL
CFPNT2004050 4"X 500' RL
CFPNT2004100 4" X 1000' RL
CFPNT2005050 5"X 500' RL
CFPNT2005100 5" X 1000' RL
CFPNT2006050 6"X 500' RL
CFPNT2006100 6" X 1000' RL
CFPNT2008050 8"X 500' RL
CFPNT2008100 8" X 1000' RL
CFPNT2009050 9"X 500' RL
CFPNT2009100 9" X 1000' RL
CFPNT2010050 10"X 500' RL
CFPNT2010100 10" X 1000' RL
CFPNT2012050 12"X 500' RL
CFPNT2012100 12" X 1000' RL
CFPNT2014050 14"X 500' RL
CFPNT2014100 14" X 1000' RL
CFPNT2015050 15"X 500' RL
CFPNT2015100 15" X 1000' RL
CFPNT2018050 18"X 500' RL
CFPNT2024050 24"X 500' RL
CFPNT2036050 36"X 500' RL

Minimum order quantities and lead times may apply on some items.

Some items are available for expedited through our AeroStock program.
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AeroPackaging' CFP Nylon 6 Lay-flat Tubing meets or exceeds the specifications of
LT 302 Ultraclean Nylon Tubing from KNF Clean Room Products (CRP)

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